One Word Substitutes Test for SBI PO

one word substitution


Give one word substitute for the following group of words or phrases out of the four given alternatives.

1. To deny responsibility for
a. refuse
b. repudiate
c. affirm
d. condone

2. One who revolts against established government.
a. insurgent
b. revolutionary
c. liberal
d. conformist

3. A person pursuing something for pleasure and not for money.
a. avowal
b. indict
c. follower
d. amateur

4. Growing or living in water.
a.  aquatic
b. amphibian
c. sticky
d. wet

5. An attitude overly president.
a. insisting
b. importunate
c. demeaning
d. dainty

6. One good at telling anecdotes.
a. smart
b. raconteur
c. jocular
d. hilarious

7. One leading an unsettled life.
a. wanderer
b. restless
c. vagabond
d. hurtling

8. A woman who uses her charm to exploit men.
a. vamp
b. cocquet
c. flirt
d. sly

9. Space empty of air
a. airless
b. vacuum
c. suffocating
d. emptiness

10. An unmarried woman past the age of marriage.
a. maid
b. lady
c. spinster
d. devious

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