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SBI PO Mains Descriptive Paper - Letter Writing

Published on Friday, July 15, 2016
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As we were discussed in part 1st of this post about Essay Writing, now in this 2nd part we will discuss about Letter Writing.As we know the main purpose behind this Descriptive test is to check your writing,thinking and analytical ability so we have to focus on improving these skills.

There are 2 types of letter which are generally asked in Banking exams-

  • Formal Letter (For Office use only)
  • Informal Letter (For Non Office use only)
SBI PO Descriptive test will have both formal and informal types of letter,you have to choose any one from it.

Basic Structure Of Letter

  • Date,Address
  • Body (Including Salutation)
  • Conclusion
  • Ending Salutation

For Formal letter with above basic structure you have to add

  • Subject
  • Designation(Theirs)

Date and Address

Write proper date.Every letter should have ‘from’ and ‘to’ addresses at the top and it must not be forgotten.
Under ‘From’ - Your name and address
Under ‘To’- Name and address of to whom this letter is sent.


This is ‘backbone of your letter should contain your answer to question asked.
Formal letter - Use Sir,Madam.
Informal letter- Use ‘Dear’.Do not use ‘Dear’ in Formal letter 2.Subject- This must be used in Formal letter only.Under which you have to mention purpose of letter writing.You can take subject line from question itself.After this you can elaborate of letter writing.


Without conclusion there is nothing in Essay and Letter.This is also called as ending remarks.
1.Ending Salutation-
Formal letter-Use ‘Yours Faithfully’/Yours sincerely.
Informal letter-Use ‘Yours’/Yours lovingly.
And write your name below or above this salutation.

Thumb rule for Letter Writing

  • Should be in correct format
  • Should be specific and relevant
  • Should be free of any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes
  • Should be polite and well presented
  • Should not to exceed the word limit
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