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Sentence Completion Using Appropriate Filler - Part 2

Published on Friday, July 08, 2016
1. The income tax raid was too sudden...........
a. So that the man escaped
b. For the man escaping
c. Then the man escaped
d. For the man to escape

2. He passed the examination in the first class because he ..........
a.  Worked hardly for it
b. Was hard working for it
c. Was working hard for it
d. Had worked hard for it

3. Where are my spectacled?............
a. There are they, on your nose!
b. There they are, on your nose!
c. Here are they, on your nose!
d. Here they are, on your nose!

4. He always stammers in public meetings, but his today's speech...........
a. Was not liked by the audience
b. Was not received satisfactorily
c. Was surprisingly fluent
d. Was fairly audible to everyone present in the hall
e. Could not be understood properly

5. To succeed in a different task,...........
a. You need a person of persistent
b. One needs to be persistent
c. One needs to be persistence
d. Persistent is needed
e. Persistent is what one needs.

6. Shall not be late for dinner...........
a. Unless the train will be late
b. Unless the train will not be late
c. If the train is late
d. Unless the train is late

7. ........... I would not have helped such an ungrateful man.
a. Had I been in your place
b. Even after knowing that he was ungrateful 
c. Had I asked him for his help
d. Though he did not deserve any help at all
e. If he had shown due respect to me.

8. Unless you work very hard,...........
a. You are not being successful
b. You will not be successful
c. You ought to be successful
d. You be not successful

9. He seized control of the county...........
a. By using diplomacy and force
b. By diplomacy and being forceful
c. By being a diplomat and forceful 
d. Not only because of diplomacy but force 

10. The doctor warns him that unless he gives up smoking............
a. His health will soon be recovered
b. He will not recover
c. Will he be able to recover
d. He will not suffer

11. He is so lazy that he ...........
a. Can;t delay the schedule of completing the work
b. Can't depend on others for getting his work done.
c. Always extends help to others to complete their work
d. Can seldom complete his work on time
e. Dislikes to postpone the work that he undertakes to do.

12. Johnny, where are you?........., up this tree.
a. There I am
b. There am I
c. Here I am
d. Here am I

13. My mother is so poor..........
a. To get medical help for my father
b. That she cannot buy food for us
c. To send me to school
d. Because she will not work
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