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Sentence Improvement Test for SBI PO Mains

Published on Monday, July 11, 2016
sbi po
Ques 1. The teacher asked the intruder who was he and why was he occupying his chair.
(a) who he had been and why he and been
(b) who he was and why he was
(c) who he was and why he was
(d) No improvement

Ques 2. The indecisive man was readily persuaded to change his mind again
(a) was ready persuade
(b) was ready to persuade
(c) was persuaded ready
(d) Could readily persuade
(e) No improvement

Ques 3. Since 1986, there is no earthquakes here.
(a) Were being
(b) are
(c) Have been
(d) No improvement

Ques 4. Let's buy a new sari with the annual bonus , can  we ?
(a) shall we
(b) Don't we
(c) Can't we
(d)  No improvement

Ques 5. I am sorry, but I don't believe what you say.
(a) I will not be believing
(b)  I  am not believing
(c)  I will not believe
(d) No improvement

Ques 6.  I there any place for me to sit ?
(A) Area
(b) Room
(c) Space
(d) No improvement

Ques 7. They left humiliated because they realised that they had cheated
(a) Have been cheated
(b) Had been cheated
(c) Had been  cheating
(d)  were to be cheated
(d) No correction is required

Ques 8. People are tiring very soon in an activity which they don't like .
(a) Tired
(b) Trying
(c) Tired
(d) Tyring
(e) No improvement

Ques 9. His father won't to be able to leave fro Varanasi until they have arrived .
(a) Until they will have arrived
(b) Until  they will arive
(c) Until they  arrive
(d) No improvement

Ques 10. The main point of his speech  was well understood .
(a) Made when he spoke
(b) In the speech of his
(c)  That he spoke
(d) Made by his speech
(e) No correction is required

Ques 11.  sumit would  have been smart in traditional clothes.
(a)  Had looking
(b) would be looked
(c) Was looked
(d) Would have looked

Ques 12. What are needed are not large houses but small  cottages.
(a) Is
(b) was
(c) were
(d) No improvement

Ques 13.  I would gladly  accompany  your sister if you had asked  me
(a) Will gladly  accompany
(b) Was to have gladly  accompanied
(c) Would have gladly accompanied
(d) No  improvement

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