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Banking Awareness Quiz Trivia : Part 4

Published on Monday, August 29, 2016
banking quiz
Ques 1.
Which is the following is an example of cash less Purchase ?
(a) debit Card
(b) Credit Card
(c) ATM withdrawal
d) All of the above
(e) None of the above

Ques 2.
Whose signature appears on Indian Rs.100 note ?
(a) Finance Minister
(b) RBI Governor
(c) Finance Secretary 
(d) Chairman, Planning , Commission
(e) None of the above

Ques 3.
While discussing investments there is a mention of short term government security what is this investment ?
(a) Debenture
(b) Mutual funds
(c) Treasury bill
(d) Share
(e)  None of  the above

Ques 4.
NBFCsare an important part of the Indian financial system.What is meant by this term ?
(a) New Banking Financial Companies
(b) Non- banking  Financial Companies
(c) Neo Banking Financial Confederation
(d) Non-banking Fiscal Companies
(e) National Bank of Finance Companies

Ques 5.
Which one of the following is not electronic banking delivery channel ?
(a) Mobile Vans
(b) Mobile Phone Banking
(c) Internet Banking
(d) Tele  Banking
(e) ATM

Ques 6.
Electronic Clearing Service in banks can be availed only by :
(a) Individuals
(b) Corporates
(c) senior Citizens
(d) All of these
(e) None of these

Ques 7.
 Indian Commercial Banks are categorized into :
(a) Public sector Banks
(b) Foreign Banks
(c) Private Sector Banks
(d) All of the above
(e) None of these

Ques 8.
_______ is raised in capital markets
(a) Funds through long term securities
(b) Long term loans through Govt. Securities
(c) Medium term loans
(d) Short-term instruments
(e) None of the above

Ques 9.
Interest on Government securities on fixed basis is known as :
(a) Bank rate
(b) Coupon
(c) Prime Lending Rate
(d) Bench mark PLR
(e) None of the above

Ques 10.
_________ was not nationalized in 1969 :
(a) Punjab National Bank
(b) Oriental Bank of commerce
(c)  Bank of Baroda
(d) Union Bank of India
(e) None of the above

Ques 11.
In the first round 14 major banks with a liability base of ______ were nationalized :
(a) 10 crore or more
(b) 20 crore or more
(c) 50 crore or more
(d) 100 crore or more
(e) None of the above

Ques 12.
_________ do not attract TDS :
(a) Fixed deposit 
(b) Reinvestment deposit
(c) NRO SB
(e) Recurring deposit

Ques 13. 
The maximum Statutory Liquidity Ratio to be maintained by banks is :
(a) 25%
(b) 30 %
(c) 35%
(d) 40%
(e)  None of the above

Ques 14.
Who has the sole right to mint coins in India ?
(a) RBI
(b) MMTC
(c) Government of India
(d) SBI
(e) Department of post

Ques 15.
Whose signature appears on coins ?
(a) President of India
(b) RBI governor
(c) Finance Secretary
(d) RBI deputy governor
(e) Coins do not bear the signature

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