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Climate of India : Types, Area and Characteristics

Published on Sunday, August 21, 2016
Monsoon –
  • A type of wind system in which there is almost complete reversal of prevailing wind direction .
Types –
  • South West Monsoon (June & July)
  • North East Monsoon ( September to December)
Seasons of India –
  • Winter Season – Mid December to Mid March
  • Summer Season – Mid March to May
  • Rainy Season – June to September
  • Seasons of Retreating Monsoon - October to Mid December

Climate Regions of India

Type Area Characteristics

Tropical Rain Forest
  • Western Ghats 
  • Western Coastal Plains 
  • Parts of Asom
  • High temperature through out the Year
  • Heavy Seasonal Rainfall
  • Annual Rainfall 200 cm annually (May to November)
Tropical Savana Climate
  •  Most of peninsular region(Except leeward side of western Ghats )
  • Dry winters
  • Annual rainfall varies from 76 cm to 150 cm
Tropical semi – arid steppe climate
  •  Rainshadow belt running south ward from central Maharashtra to Tamil Nadu
  • Low rainfall varies from 38 cm to 80 cm and temperature from 20 to 30 degree centrigate
Tropical and sub tropical steppes
  • Punjab
  • Haryana
  • Run of Kutch
  • Temperature varies from 12 – 35 degree centrigate
Tropical desert
  • Western parts of Barmer
  • Jaisalmer
  • Bikaner district of Rajesthan
  • Parts of Kutchchh
  • Scanty rainfall (Mostly in form of cloud burst )
  • High temperature
Mountain climate
  • Mountain region (Above 6000 m or more )
  • Rainfall varies from 63.5 cm to 254 cm (Mostly during south – west Monsoon )

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