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Computer Quiz for IBPS and Other Exams (Set-69)

Published on Tuesday, August 23, 2016
1. Example of non-numeric data is________.
b) Examination score
c) Bank balance
d) All of these
e) None of these

2. You can use the __________ bar to type a URL and display a Web page, or type a keyword to display a list of related Web pages.
a) Menu
b) Title
c) Search
d) Web
e) Address

3. What is included in an e-mail address?
a) Domain name followed by user's name
b) User's name followed by domain name
c) User's name followed by postal address
d) User's name followed by street address
e) None of these

4. Blaise Pascal has introduced __________.
a) Adding machine
b) Abacus
c) Calculator
d) Difference engine
e) None of these

5. ______are symbols used to replace or represent one or more characters.
a) Playing cards
b) Wildcard
c) Private keys
d) Public keys
e) None of these

6. A(n) ______ appearing on a web page opens another document when clicked .
a) anchor
b) URL
c) hyperlink
d) reference
e) None of these

7. Specialised programs that assist users in locating information on the web are called _____.
a) information engines
b) locator engines
c) web browsers
d) resource locators
e) search engines

8. How many generations of computers we have?
a) 6
b) 7
c) 5
d) 4
e) None of these

9. Which of the following is not a binary number ?
a) 111011
b) 1102
c) 101001
d) 10011
e) 110110

10. A ______is a collection of data that is stored electronically as a series of records in a table.
a) spreadsheet
b) presentation
c) database
d) web page
e) None of these


1. a) Employee address
2. e) Address
3. b) User's name followed by domain name
4. a) Adding machine
5. b) Wildcard
6. c) hyperlink
7. e) search engines
8. c) 5
9. b) 1102
10. c) database 


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