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Computer Quiz for IBPS and Other Exams (Set-75)

Published on Monday, August 29, 2016
1. The Web layout View is available in which Office 2013 application?
a) Excel
b) Word
c) Access
d) Power Point
e) None of these

2. ____________produces printout of a data in user-defined manner
a) Query Language
b) DML
c) Report Generator
d) DCL
e) None of these
3. Which security model is used in a peer-to-peer network?
a) Password-protected Shares
b) Access Control Lists
c) Share-level Security
d) User-level Security
e) None of these
4. A hierarchical data model combines records and fields that are
a) Cross structure
b) Tree structure
c) Logical manner
d) Relational structure
e) None of these
5. An object-oriented database does not depend upon ______________ for interactions.
a) Oracle
b) SQL
c) Index
e) None of these
6. Which common backstage view task creates a PDF file from an existing file?
a) Export
b) Account
c) Create
d) Options
e) None of these
7. Which device operates at the Internet layer of the TCP/IP model?
a) Switch and Hub
b) Router
c) Switch
d) Firewall
e) None of these
8. A coding scheme recognised by system software for representing organisational data is called a
a) Data type
b) Data size
c) Tuple
d) Hyperlink
e) None of these
9. Which phase of the SDLC involves converting to the new system?
a) Systems design
b) Systems analysis
c) Systems development
d) System code
e) None of these
10. An IP protocol field of 0*06 indicates that IP is carrying what as its payload?
a) UPD or IGRP
b) UPD
d) TCP
e) None of these


1. b) Word
2.c) Report Generator
3.c) Share-level Security
4.b) Tree structure
5.b) SQL
6.a) Export
7.b) Router
8.a) Data type
9.a) Systems design
10.d) TCP

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