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Computer Quiz for IBPS and Other Exams (Set-77)

1. When entering text within a document, the Enter key is normally pressed at the end of every
a) line
b) sentence
c) paragraph
d) word
e) None of these

2. Computers that control processes accept data in a continuous
a) data traffic pattern
b) data highway
c) infinite loop
d) feedback loop
e) None of these  

3. A (n) ______________is a special visual and audio effect applied in Powerpoint to text or content.
a) animation
b) flash
c) wipe
d) dissolve
e) None of these  

4. Personal computers can be connected together to form a
a) server
b) supercomputer
c) network
d) enterprise
e) None of these  

5. A___________is the term used when a search engine returns a Web page that matches the search criteria.
a) blog
b) hit
c) link
d) view
e) None of these  

6. Forms that are used to organise business data into rows and columns are called
a) transaction sheets
b) registers
c) business forms
d) sheet-spreads
e) None of these  

7. What is MP3?
a) A mouse
b) A printer
c) A sound format
d) A scanner
e) None of these  

8. All the deleted files go to
a) Recycle Bin
b) Task Bar
c) Tool Bar
d) My Computer
e) None of these  

9. RAM is ______________ and __________.
a) volatile, temporary
b) nonvolatile, permanent
c) nonvolatile, temporary
d) volatile, permanent
e) None of these  

10. Which of the following is an example of an optical disk?
a) Digital versatile disks
b) Magnetic disks
c) Memory disks
d) Data disks
e) None of these 


1. c) paragraph
2. d) feedback loop
3. a) animation
4. c) network
5. b) hit
6. d) sheet-spreads
7. c) A sound format
8. a) Recycle Bin
9. a) volatile, temporary
10. a) Digital versatile disks

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