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Detect Grammatical Mistakes : Part - 12

Published on Tuesday, August 09, 2016

(a) It is better
(b) to keep one's head in the face of danger
(c) losing one's courage
(d) No error

(a) The short story
(b) should not exceed
(c) more than two hundred words.
(d) No error

(a) To die with Honour
(b) is better than
(c) live with dishonour
(d) No error

(a) He told me
(b) his name after
(c) he left
(d) No error

(a) He would have told
(b) you the truth
(c) if you had asked him
(d) No error

(a) My sister
(b) had read
(c) pages by pages of the Bible
(d) No error

(a) Your success in the IAS examinations depends not only on
(b) what papers you have selected
(c) but on how you have written them
(d) No error

(a) Heavy rain
(b) prevented us
(c) to go to the college
(d) No error

(a) If the majority of the individuals in a State
(b) prosper
(c) the state itself would prosper
(d) No error

(a) If motorists do not observe the traffic regulations
(b)They will be stopped,ticketed
(c)and have to pay a fine
(d) No error

(a) He asked
(b) supposing if he fails
(c) what he would do.
(d) No error

(a) The people of ancient India
(b) were more civilized
(c) than ancient Europe
(d) No error

(a) The list of the names
(b) of the tax defaulters
(C) were published in the newspaper
(d) No error

(a) People who are not belonging to
(b) any nationalist party
(c) want to divide the country
(d) No error'

(a) One of the firmest belief is
(b) that nothing can substitute
(c) hard work
(d) No error

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