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Detect Grammatical Mistakes : Part - 18

Published on Saturday, August 20, 2016

(a) A computer virus  works exactly
(b)like the biological variety
(c) which invade the human body.
(d) No error

(a) When I first started my school
(b) my boys had
(c) no evident love for music
(d) No error

(a) My uncle
(b) has left
(c) for Mumbai last Saturday
(d) No error

(a) Don't think
(b) you can deceive me
(c) like you did my borther.
(d) No error

(a) When I entered the bedroom
(b) I saw a snake crawling
(c) on the ground
(d) No error

(a)  He was debarred
(b) to appear
(c) at the examination
(d) No error

(a) It is not
(b) I who is
(c) to blame
(d) No error

(a) Shyam is telling
(b) that I have
(c) stolen his pen
(d) No error

(a) The timid creature was driven
(b) into a narrow lane
(c) where it was slewed by kidnapper
(d) No error

(a) It is a truth that\
(b) those who  are jealous of others
(c) never I ran into captain Robinson
(d) No error

(a) The driver showed
(b) great talent in keeping
(c) the demaged car under control
(d) No error

(a) he described about
(b) the unpleasent experiences
(c) he had in the jail
(d) No error

(a) The G.M.
(b) of the company
(c) dispensed the manager's services
(d) No error.

(a) If it were possible to get near when
(b) one of the volcanic eruptions take place
(c) we should see a grand sight
(d) No error

(a) Engines used in space shuttles
(b) are much larger
(c) and more strong than the ones used in jet planes.
(d) No error

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