Fill in the Blanks Test For IBPS PO Exam

fill in the blanks

Directions : 

Fill in the Blanks

1. Mr. Raj ....... the death of his friend and ...... with his family members.
(a) announced , sympathised
(b) revolted , cried
(c)  mourned , empathised 
(d) consoled, mourned 

2. For all the efforts he has made for you , you ..... to thank him for his .... help.
(a) need, necessary
(b) could,  loved
(c) should, timely
(d) better, immense

3.In this summer season, the sun is throwing tantrums by constantly ...... and reappearing thus ..... the temperature and making it unbearable for us.
(a) dissaperaing , evaporated
(b) hiding, fluting
(c) appearing , soaring
(d) rotating ,unpredictable

4. The government may ..... the authorities to the sanitation deapartment to improve their amenities .... of the complaints given by the localities .
(a) Plead, in the right
(b) request , due to
(c) ask, reason
(d) command , in lieu

5. The authorities do not  want to take a decision and resort to soft pedaling, delay tactics and collusion , hoping that the judiciaries will ...... in to relieve them of the ...... of decision making.
(a) vote, enlightment
(b) vouch, trouble
(c) barge, reason
(d) step, burden

6. Rules are made for those students who religiously ..... them and not .... to break them at their own will.
(a) follow, dare
(b) set, opt
(c) break, suggest
(d) challenge , choose

7. Experts cannot ........ enough on the benefits of ....... more fruit and vegetables in your daily diet.
(a) pressure, involving
(b) strain , adding
(c) emphasise, contributing
(d) stress, including

8.Harish ...... with me some basic techniques that one can ...... at home without even owning a drumset.
(a) rehearsed , shred
(b) imparted , relive
(c) fits, rehearses
(d) shared, practise

9. It is ...... to drive in the evening and night when the ........ of accidents looms large due to non-functional  streetlights
(a) juvenile, planning
(b) easy , risk
(c) instinctive, fame
(d) difficult , threat

10. Skeptics would not ....... that the earth actually moves, let alone that it ........ around the sun,
(a) challenge , orbits
(b) accept, revolves
(c) experience, circles
(d) assume, spins

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