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GK Questions Asked in SSC CGL 2016 (Tier-I) - 30.08.2016 (2nd Shift)

Published on Tuesday, August 30, 2016
1. The partition of congress was done in which session?
Ans: 1967

2. If no atmosphere than what is the colour of the sky?
Ans: Black

3. Which country exited from European countries?
Ans: Britain

4. First woman president of Congress?
Ans: Annie Besant

5. Birju Maharaj is related to?
Ans: Kathak dancer

6. Ozone layer protects earth from which rays?
Ans: Ultraviolet Rays

7. What is Silica gel?
Ans: hydrated silica in a hard granular hygroscopic form used as a desiccant.

8. First Buddhist council held at?
Ans: Rajgir

9. Which is radioactive element?
Ans: Uranium

10. Rhino speciality of which Indian National Park?
Ans: Kaziranga National Park

11. Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) submit his reports to whom?
Ans: President

12. First King of Satavahana Dynasty?
Ans: Simuka

13. Residex related to?
Ans: Housing

14. Optical filter used for?
Ans: to attenuate or enhance an image

15. Superfast AC Train having barely signal?

16. Palk of strait separate which country?
Ans: India & Sri Lanka

17. Toughest natural substance – (wool, cotton, jute, silk)
Ans: Silk

18. Shiva Thapa is associated with which sports?
Ans: Boxing

19. Which hill connects eastern and western ghats?
Ans: Bilgiri Hills

20. Hydrochloric acid present in which digestive organ?
Ans: Stomach

21. Silver gets corroded due to presence of what in air?
Ans: Metals have a tendency to change back to their original state of existence that is the ore from which these been extracted and they do so by their interaction with the environment. The atmospheric air contains moisture and certain dissolved gases like oxygen, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, hydrogen sulphide and the like. Silver metal is extracted mainly from its sulphide ores like argentite (silver glance) as a white lustrous metal, which remains untarnished in air free from hydrogen sulphide.

But in the presence of trace amounts of hydrogen sulphide in atmosphere, silver forms a film of silver sulphide that is black.

22. Scheme for poor women up liftment?
Ans: Rashtriya Mahila Kosh


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