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Idioms and Phrases for RBI Grade B - Part 3

Published on Tuesday, August 23, 2016


The following idioms have four responses (a),(b),(c) and (d). Tick mark the response which gives the correct meaning of the idiom.

1. Out of the way
a. far away
b. not common
c. out of sight
d. envious

2. Upto the mark
a. in the same level
b. quite satisfactory
c. influential
d. in tune with

3. In the air
a. prevalent
b. lacking
c. flying
d. hovering

4. End in smoke
a. catch fire
b. come to nothing
c. become smoky
d. fruitful

5. Take to task
a. remind
b. reprove 
c. reject
d. avoid

6. Smell a rat
a. to suspect
b. to chase
c. inspire
d. inhale foul smell

7. At the first blush
a. in the prime of youth
b. at first sight
c. the first impression
d. the pink colour

8. In black and white
a. colourless
b. in writing
c. unconditional
d. in angry mood

9. Stand in good stead
a. enjoy
b. attempt
c. helping attitude
d. prove useful

10. Changed colour
a. changed attitude
b. turned pale
c. rejoiced
d. looked fresh

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