Important Puzzle Set for IBPS PO Exam - Part 3

Directions: Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:
Seven members A, B, C, D, E, F and G represent different countries in Rio Olympics, viz, USA, China, Brazil, india, Russia, Jamaica and Japan; each One competes for a different sport and gets
gold medals in the event, viz. swimming, Archery, Rifle Shooting, Tennis, Wrestling, Athletics and gymnastics’. The order of persons, countries and games is not necessarily the same. C represents China for Archery. D represents USA but not for swimming or Rifle Shooting. The one who represents Japan competes for Wrestling. E competes for swimming but not for Brazil .A represents Jamaica for Athletics. The one who represents Russia competes for Tennis. F does not represent Brazil or Japan.G competes for Rifle Shooting.

1. Which of the following combinations is correct?
a) F - Tennis -India
b) G-Tennis - Russia
c) G - Tennis - India
d) F - Tennis - Russia
e) None of these

2. Who represents Japan?
a) E
b) G
c) F
d) B
e) None of these

3. E represents which country?
a) India
b) Russia
c) Japan
d) Brazil
e) None of these

4. The one who competes for Rifle Shooting, represents which country?
a) India
b) Brazil
c) Japan
d) USA
e) None of these

5. For which game does D compete?
a) Wrestling
b) Gymnastic
c) Tennis
d) Cannot be determined
e) None of these


1. d
2. d
3. a
4. b
5. e

persons country game
A Jamaica Athletics
B Japan wrestling
C china archery
D USA gymnastics
E India swimming
F Russia tennis
G Brazil Rifles hooting

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