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Indian Geography Quiz for SSC CGL - Part 1

Published on Sunday, August 07, 2016

1. What type of rocks are igneous rocks?

2. Who gave continental drift theory?

3. What type of volcanic activity and landforms are associated with divergent boundary?

4. Where does the magma come from in case of hotspot volcanism?

5. Which layer in the atmosphere helps in radio communications?

6. Which maong water, desert and ice has the highest and lowest albedo (reflection of incoming solar radiation without absorption)?

7. Coriolis forces are 0 at _________ and maximum at _____

8. Name the occasional warm current along the coast of Peru that leads to low monsoonal rainfall in India?

9. Name the lake with highest salinity?

10. The natural process of formation of soil is known as _______

11. Name the river which is known as sorrow of Bihar.

12. What are "horse latitudes"?


1. Primary, unfossiliferous (formed due to magma solidification), crystalline and impervious

2. Alfred Wegener

3. Mild Volcanism and mountain ridges

4. Core- mantle boundary    
5. Thermosphere

6. Ice has highest (reflects most of the incoming solar radiation). and water has lowest  (absorbs most of the incoming solar radiation).

7. Equator and poles

8. Elnino

9. Lake  Assal

10. Pedogenesis 

11. Kosi

12. 30 to 35 degree, north and south

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