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Indian Polity Quiz for SSC CGL : Part - 3

Published on Monday, August 08, 2016
indian polity
1. Which among the following is correct:
a. FR's are enforceable in the court of law and DPSP's are not
b. FR's are negative obligations of the state whereas DSPS's  are positive

2. Name the veto powers enjoyed by Indian president

3. Who is the chancellor of central universities?

4. The resolution for the removal of VP can be introduced in ________.

5. When and how is the council of Minister formed ? 

6. What is the strength of rajya sabha (house of elders / council of states/ upper house)?

7. After how many years do 1/3 members retire?

8. Who is the administrative head of secretariat attached to lok sabha?

9. Who presides over the joint sitting of both the houses?

10. By whom is the CJI appointed?
11. Which Act provides for common HC for 2 or more states?

12. Who is the ex-office chairman of Rajya Sabha?

Answer :

1. Both a and b

2. Suspensive and pocket  Veto

3. VP of India

4. Rajya Sabha only

5. COM is formed as soon as Prime minister is sworn in. (PM alone can constitute COM)

6. 12 (nominated)+233 (elected)=245 (max x can be 250)

7. After 2 years

8. Speaker

9. Speaker of lok sabha (deputy speaker in his absence)

10. By president of India (U/A 124 (2))

11. 7th Amendment Act, 1956

12. Vice president of India

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