Puzzle set from Previous IBPS PO (Prelims) Paper

ibps po
Read the given information and answer the given questions (1-5):
Eight people Manish, Naresh, Ravi, Pawan, kalyan, Raghu, Satish and Tarun live on separate floors of an 8floor Building, not necessarily in the same order Ground floor is numbered 1, first floor is numbered 2 and so on until the topmost floor is numbered 8.

Tarun lives on floor numbered three floor. Only one person lives between Tarun and Manish. Raghu lives immediately above Ravi. Raghu lives on an even numbered floor. More than one person lives between Satish and Naresh. Satish lives immediately below Ravi.
Pawan lives on an even numbered floor but not the top most floors. Manish does not live immediately above or below Naresh. Only one person lives between Satish and Raghu. Raghu lives one of the above floor on Satish lives.

1. How many people live between the floors on which Raghu and kalyan live?
a. Two
b. More than three
c. One
d. No one
e. Three

2. Who among the following lives on floor no. 4?
a. Ravi
b. Manish
c. Raghu
d. Satish
e. Naresh

3. Which of the following is true with respect to the given information?
a. Naresh lives immediately below Tarun
b. Raghu lives on floor numbered two
c. Kalyan lives on an odd numbered floor
d. Only one person lives between Pawan and Raghu
e. Only one person lives between Ravi and Tarun

4. Who lives on the floor immediately below Satish?
a. Manish
b. Other than those given as options
c. Kalyan
d. Tarun
e. Pawan

5. Who amongst the following lives between Naresh and Pawan?
a. Raghu
b. Ravi
c. All of these
d. Satish
e. Tarun


1. c
2. d
3. e
4. d
5. c

Floor arrangement:

floor persons
8 kalyan
7 naresh
6 raghu
5 ravi
4 satish
3 tarun
2 pawan
1 manish

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