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Spotting Errors in English Language : Part - 2

Published on Saturday, August 27, 2016

1. Despite all the policeman's questions, the lady continued to affirm that she ______ innicent.
a. is
b. were
c. had been
d. was

2. The legal obligation is being grossly violated _____ most of  the drug firms.
a. in
b. by
c. at
d. on

3. ______ we think deserve the award will certainly get it.
a. whomever
b. whoever
c. whichever
d. whatever

4. Any help that you can give me will be a_________.
a. appreciate 
b. appreciation
c. appreciable
d. appreciated

5. No Sooner did he _____ open the telegram, than he fell down unconscious.
a. tore
b. tored
c. tear
d. torn

6. _____ all the possibilities, I really believe that I would prefer not to make any changes.
a. consider
b. considering
c. having considered
d. considered

7. The commission has recommended an addition of 20 percent of the basic pay ___ a minimum of Rs.50 for fixing the pay.
a. subjected to
b. subject to
c. subjecting to
d. subject

8. Until he ______ confessed his fault, he will not be included in the team.
a. had
b. has
c. will have
d. would have

9. Much _______ since they were last here.
a. has happened 
d. had happened
c. was happening
d. would have happened

10. The messenger ____ hardly read or write.
a. can't 
b. does
c. does not
d. can

11. The gypsies do not live __________ at a particular place.
a. broadly
b. voluntarily
c. permanently
d. willingly

12. The dress was guaranteed not to ________.
a. contract
b. diminish
c. shrink
d. shorten

13. He is very fortunate __________ having fgood friends.
a. in
b. by
c. at
d. for

14. It is difficult to say how many of these poor people are being deprived _________ their basic freedom.
a. from
b. with
c. of
d. to

15. John totally disapproved _________ his friend Deniel's behaviour at the social gathering.
a. with
b. off
c. of
d. fin

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