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Cloze Test : Set picked from previous IBPS PO Pre


In the following Passage, there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. The numbers are printed below the passage and against each, four words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Tick mark the appropriate word.

A step -by- (1) approach involving a measurable achievement each day is the (2)  effective method to get results. Each little success gives you a shot of confidence and a (3)  of accomplishment that will
(4) sustain you in sticking to your programme. It also (5) the final goal seem more (6) since all you have to do is put (7) the same amount of effort each day. For example, if you were asked to (8) a book of two hundred and fifty pages without having written anything significant before, this task probably would seem (9). However, if you were asked to write two pages to text day, you would have to agree that this request would be both reasonable and (10).

a. leap
b. jump
c. run
d. step

a. probable
b. only
c. likely
d. only

a. sensation
b. satisfactions
c. sense
d. savour

a. help
b. ensure
c. enable
d. allow

a. mars
b. makes
c. appears
d. provides

a. dependable
b. alluring
c. attractive
d. achievable

a. out 
b. forward
c. forth
d. up

a. read
b. write
c. recite
d. momorize

a. insurmountable
b. inescapable
c. intrinsic
d. impersonal

a. rational
b. remote
c. realistic
d. impending
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