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Cloze Test Set picked from previous IBPS PO Pre Exam

Published on Sunday, September 25, 2016
cloze test
Directions (Q. 1 – Q.5): In the following passage some of the words have been left out, each of which is indicated by a number. Find the suitable word from the options given against each number and fill up the blanks with appropriate words to make the paragraph meaningfully complete.

Let’s think of Jinnah in terms of the history of the subcontinent. Also, once you start to look at him, you see what an ambivalent and complicated figure (1) . Even just to discover his liking for theatre and drama. He (2) with Shakespeare; he wanted to become an actor ; he imitated his hero Chamberlain by wearing a monocle. Sometimes, with his speeches, you don’t know if he believes what he’s saying or if he’s acting. There is a way in which he just took (3) a role. So did he really want what he created ? Did he know what he was doing, or was it almost like a lawyer arguing a brief ? I wanted again to bring him into a human dimension and to show him in relationship to Gandhi, (4) other figures like Tilak. He was a great friend of Tilak’s. Now, that’s a curious friendship. We think of Tilak as a kind of rightist Hindu ; Jinnah defended Tilak in court against the British. His anger at Gandhi was because Gandhi (5) religious! So there are all sorts of twists in Jinnah’s story.

1) he was
2) he has been
3) he had been
4) have been
5) as he was

1) had liked
2) was in awe
3) was obsessed
4) related
5) was incorrigible

1) at
2) on
3) in
4) for
5) kind of

1) at par
2) in relation to
3) with
4) as in
5) as of

1) was being
2) had been
3) has been
4) could have been
5) would be

Directions (Q.6-Q.10): The sentence has two blanks. Choose the words that best fit the meaning of the sentence as a whole.
Q.6. The much anticipated holiday weekend _______with Holi ______ Thursday.
1) begins, on
2) will begins, on
3) has will be beginning, to
4) had begun, at
5) will begin, by

Q.7. ________ online and offline banking transactions _________ possible.
1) whatever, can
2) Despite, be
3) However, will be
4) Till then, has been
5) Inspite of, will

Q.8. The nation is ________to define the term “forest” and there is an ongoing case in court ___________ this matter.
1) yet, on
2) so, at
3) now, for
4) so far, from
5) waiting, to

Q.9. As per the _________ estimation, India’s total green cover _______ about 26% of the country’s total geographical area.
1) new, has been
2) latest, is
3) newest, was
4) last, was
5) latest, had been

Q.10. She even ___________to a pattern of killings of activists defending forests as a growing “epidemic” ____________the world.
1) said, in
2) mentioned, about
3) discussed, of
4) clued, in
5) pointed, around

Answer Key –

1.  1
2.  3
3.  2
4.  2
5.  1
6.  1
7.  3
8.  1
9.  2
10. 5
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