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Computer Quiz for IBPS & Banking Exams (Set-87)

Published on Friday, September 16, 2016
1. Which of the following media is one of the oldest media designed to store data, but should be carefully checked with antivirus software before restoration?
a) Magnetic tape
b) Laptops
c) Hard drives
d) CDR
e) None of these

2. Which of the following is an example of computer software?
a) Impact printer
b) Console
c) Payroll package
d) OCR
e) None of these

3. Programmers use a variety of _______ to communicate instructions to the computer.
a) Programming languages
b) System languages
c) High level languages
d) Low level languages
e) None of the above

4. Which of the following displays the contents of the active cell?
a) Active cell
b) Formula bar
c) Menu bar
d) Name box
e) None of these

5. A software used to convert source program instructions to object instruction is known as
a) compiler
b) Assembler
c) Interpreter
d) Language processor
e) None of these

6. The chip, used in computers, is made of
a ) chromium
b) Iron oxide
c) Silica
d) Silicon
e) None of these

7. Name the first general purpose electronic computer.
e) None of these

8. The size of commonly used floppy disk is
a) 4.5
b) 3.5
c) 5.5
d) 2.5
e) None of these

9. Which of the following statements is wrong?
a) Windows XP is an operating system
b) Linux is owned and sold by Microsoft
c) Photoshop is a graphical design tool by adobe
d) Linux is free and open source software
e) None of the above

10. Operating system of a computer
a) Enables the programmer to draw a flowchart
b) Links a program with subroutine with references
c) Provides a layer, user-friendly interface
d) Hardware of computer
e) None of the above
1. a) Magnetic tape
2. c) Payroll package
3. a) Programming languages
4. b) Formula bar
5. d) Language processor
6. d) Silicon
7. c) UNIVAC
8. b) 3.5
9. b) Linux is owned and sold by Microsoft
10. c) Provides a layer, user-friendly interface
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