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Computer Quiz for IBPS & Banking Exams (Set-84)

Published on Monday, September 12, 2016
1. A small picture that represents either a program or a shortcut on a computer screen is
a) a pointer
b) a logo
c) a graphics
d) an icon
e) None of these

2. The speed of a PC is measured in
a) megabytes
b) Megahertz
c) Milliseconds
d) Kilo seconds
e) None of these

3. __________ is the maximum number of horizontal and vertical pixels that are displayed on the screen
a) Pixel
b) Resolution
c) Screen Size
d) Reflection
\e) None of these

4. Which component of a computer system performs arithmetic calculations?
a) CU
b) ALU
c) CPU
d) Memory
e) None of these

5. What is another name for a computer’s main volatile memory?
a) RAM
c) ROM
d) HD
e) None of these

6. Oracle is a(n)
b) Hardware
c) System software
d) High-level language
e) None of these

7. Which is a software?
a) Mouse
b) Pointer
c) MS Word
d) Keyboard
e) None of these

8. Windows Explorer is the name of
a) a network
b) a web browser
c) a file manager
d) a drive
e) None of these

9. Which of these is not a peripheral, in computer term?
a) Keyboard
b) Mouse
c) Monitor
d) Motherboard
e) None of these

10. Every web page has a unique address called a(n)
a) RUL
b) ARL
c) URL
d) LUR
e) None of these


1. d) an icon
2. b) Megahertz
3. b) Resolution
4. b) ALU
5. a) RAM
6. a) RDBMS
7. c) MS Word
8. c) a file manager
9. d) Motherboard
10. c) URL


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