Difficult Puzzle - 9 for IBPS PO 2016

Students - A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are sitting in three lines L1, L2 and L3. And they are like three different Subjects , either Maths or Chemistry or Physics. In each line at least two and at most three students are sitting there. And at least two students are in each category but not more than three.
B and C are in different lines but not in line L2, and both are like same subject. H and G are in same line and like same subject , but not all Physics. D and E are in different lines but not in line L1 and in different subjects but not all Physics. A is in Line L2 and D is not in same line as in A. Both students of line L2 are like Chemistry. F is like Physics and not in line L1. From who are like Physics two are line in L3. F and C are in same line and there are three students like maths.

1. Who are like Maths among these eight students?
1) B , D, F
2) G, D, B
3) B, G, H
4) H, G, C
5) D, H, G

2. In which line G and D are sitting?
1) L2 and L3
2) L1 and L2
3)L1 and L3
4) both in L3
5) Can't be determined

3. Which two are in same subject and in same line?
1) F and B
2) H and D
3) G and B
4) C and F
5) E and D

4. In which subject and line E is there?
1) Chemistry—L2
2) Chemistry—L3
3) Maths—L2
4) Maths—L3
5) Cant' be determined

5. In which subject 3 students are there?

1) Chemistry and Physics
2) Maths and Physics
3) Chemistry and Maths
4) Can't be determined
5) None of these

Answers :

1. 5
2. 3
3. 4
4. 1
5. 2

Puzzle - 8

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