Errors spotting in English Language - 19

Directions :

In each of the following questions,find out which part of the sentence has no error. if there is no mistake, the answer is "No error'.

1. Because of the emergency help (a) / that the patient received ()b) / he would have died (c) / No error (d) .

2. Arun's parents died when he was  young and (a) /he looked after his aunt (b) / who had  no children (c) / No error (d) .

3. All the boys (a) / returned back home (b) / well in time for lunch (c) / No error (d).

4. The article (a) / should not exceed (b) /  more than five hundred  words (c) / no error (d).

5. Atul's  habit of (a) /  delaying his work (b) / put his colleagues (c) /  to a lot of trouble (d)/ No error (e).

6. On entering  the room (a) / she was found hanging b(b) /  from the ceiling (c)/ No error (d) .

7. Emphasis on quality of life ensures(a)/  for the health and happiness (b) / of every individual (c) / No error (d).

8. In the meeting (a)/  mr. mehta's  suggestions with  regard for (b) / certain administrative reforms (c) / were hailed by all the members (d) /  No error (e).

9.  He (a) / came across (b) / with a beggar (c) /  No error (d).

10. You will be tired of writing (a) /  at the time you (b) / finish your research (c) / No error (d).

11. I offered him part-time job (a) / but he turned it over (b) / saying that he would (c)/ rather  wait  for a full-time job (d) / No error (e).

12. We never buy any jam in the shops , (a) /because my wife makes all our jam with fruits of our garden, (b) / and these taste much better than the jam from the shops, we think (c)/ No error (d).


1.  Replace 'because of' by 'but for'

2. The correct form is 'he was looked after by his aunt'

3. Remove 'back'

4. Remove 'more than'

5. Replace 'to' by 'into'

6. No error

7. Remove 'for'

8. Replace 'for' by 'to'

9. Remove 'with'

10. Replace 'at' by 'by'

11. Replace 'over' by 'down'

12. Replace 'in' by 'from'

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