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General Awareness Quiz for RBI Grade B : Part 6

Published on Thursday, September 01, 2016
rbi grade b
Ques 1. India's 1st Economic  Census was started in  1977 whereas the 6th Economic  was held in 

Ques 2. What are the target in 12th five year plan for Economic Growth, Agricultural Growth, Industrial Growth ,Poverty level Reduction?

Ques 3. What was the main recommendation of PJ Nayak Committee on Governance of Boards of Public  Sector Banks ?

Ques 4. What is Gross per Capita annual Income in India 

Ques 5. What was the Minimum & Maximum pay recommended by the 7th Pay Commission ?

Ques 6The RBI has overhauled the priority sector lending  targets and now banks have to lend ____ per cent to their credit to small and marginal farmers, defined as farmers having less than two hectares of land ?

Ques 7. what is the new Gas price fixed by Govt of India ?

Ques 8. What is the new electricity power generation target for 2014-15 ?

Ques 9. Direct taxes are taken on the Income whereas the Indirect Taxes are taken on 

Ques 10. India's External Debt as in 2014-15 were

Ques 11. The Annual rate of Increment recommended in the 7th pay commission was

Ques 12. PAN is necessary for all transactions in excess of Rs.____ regardless of Mode of Payment.

Ques 13. Speaking at the G20 summit PM Modi pledged to quadruple  India's renewable power capacity  to ______by 2022.

Ques 14. Under the saving Bank Interest rate deregulation up to which  limit there will be uniform rate.

Ques 15. As per planning Commission, the state having the largest people living below poverty level.

Ques 16. How many district were covered in census 2011 ?

Ques 17. The 14th Finance commission period will be..

Ques 18. The priority Sector Loan Limit of MSME dealing service sector has been increased from Rs. 2 crore to...

Solutions :

1.  2014

2. 8%, 4% , 10% and  9% respectively 

3. Govt share should be less  than 50%

4. $1610

5. Rs 1800 & Rs.5 Lac per month  respectively
6. 8 per cent

7. $ 5.61 per mmbtu

8. 1023 bn Uniit

9. Transactions

10. $475bn ( $446.3bn in 2013-14)

11. 3%

12.  2 lac

13. 175 gigawatt

14.  Rs 100000/-

15. Chhattisgarh at 39.93%

16. 640

17.  2015-20

18.  Rs 5 crore

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