General Awareness Quiz - Set 87

1. The currency of the ‘Republic of Austria’ is
a) Peso
b) Franc
c) Euro
d) Schilling

2. The Union Health Ministry has recently (February, 2016) announced a plan to eliminate Malaria from the country by
a) 2030
b) 2031
c) 2032
d) 2033

3. Who among the following in the author of the book ‘The White Tiger’?
a) Chetan Bhagat
b) Amish Tripathi
c) Anita Desai
d) Aravind Adiga

4. Rajamani, who recently (February, 2015) died in Chennai at the age of 50 years, was a
a) well-known journalist
b) well-known music composer
c) famous architect
d) former minister & freedom fighter

5. The Women’s Cricket World Cup in 2017 shall be hosted by
a) New Zealand
b) South Africa
c) England
d) India

6. Sushil Koirala, who died recently at the age of 79, was the former Prime Minister of
a) Sri Lanka
b) Bhutan
c) Mauritius
d) Nepal

7. The 103rd ‘Indian Science Congress’ was recently held in
a) Margao,Goa
b) Mount Abu,Rajasthan
c) Mysuru, Karnataka
d) Mumbai, Maharashtra

8. Every year 25th April is observed all over the world as the
a) World Radio Day
b) World Diabetes Day
c) World Health Day
d) World Malaria Day

9. The host of the 8th annual BRICS summit is
a) Russia
b) China
c) India
d) Brazil

10. ‘Copenhagen’ is the capital of
a) Sweden
b) Austria
c) Denmark
d) Spain


1. c) Euro
2. a) 2030
3. d) Aravind Adiga
4. b) well-known music composer
5. c) England
6. d) Nepal
7. c) Mysuru, Karnataka
8. d) World Malaria Day
9. c) India
10. c) Denmark


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