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General Awareness Quiz - Set 92

1. Which of the following medical procedures uses optical fibre?
a) X-Ray
b) Endoscopy
c) CAT scan
d) Ultrasound
2. The secret code that restricts entry to some computer programs is
a) captcha
b) password
c) entry ticket
d) source code

3. Which of the following is commonly used to measure wind speed?
a) Altimeter
b) Anemometer
c) Hygrometer
d) Barometer

4. The RBI does not transact the business of which state as of now?
a) Sikkim
b) Mizoram
c) Kerala
d) Nagaland

5. The nuclear pacemakers get their power from
a) Plutonium
b) Thorium
c) Uranium
d) Deuterium

6. A negative income elasticity of demand is associated with
a) normal goods
b) inferior goods
c) luxurious goods
d) none of these

7. Which of the following states does not come under the jurisdiction of Gauhati High Court?
a) Arunachal Pradesh
b) Nagaland
c) Tripura
d) Mizoram

8. When too much money is chasing too few goods, the situation is
a) deflation
b) inflation
c) recession
d) stagflation

9. For the purpose of enforcement of fundamental rights, a court can issue
a) a notification
b) a writ
c) an ordinance
d) a decree

10. Which of the following is not a stringed instrument?
a) Harp
b) Santoor
c) Trumpet
d) Mandolin


1. b) Endoscopy
2. b) password
3. b) Anemometer
4. a) Sikkim
5. a) Plutonium
6. b) inferior goods
7. c) Tripura
8. b) inflation
9. b) a writ
10. c) Trumpet

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