General Awareness Quiz - Set 93

1. The latest private bank in India, which started its operations on 1 Oct, is
a) Bandhan Bank
b) IDFC Bank
c) India Post

2. Which of the following terms is used in banking/finance?
a) Nelson
b) Moral Suasion
c) Richter scale
d) Incarnation

3. Which of the following banks is headquarters in Chennai?
a) Allahabad Bank
b) Bank of Baroda
c) Canara Bank
d) Indian Overseas Bank

4. Which of the following will not be considered a national debt?
a) NSC
b) Provident Fund
c) Insurance Policies
d) KVP

5. Which of the following organisation is supposed to prohibit insider trading in India?
a) RBI
d) Ministry of Finance

6. What is the currency of Cuba?
a) Peso
b) Shekel
c) Krone
d) Euro

7. The military training exercise HAND-IN-HAND 2015 is a joint military exercise between
a) China and India
b) Russia and Pakistan
c) India and Japan
d) India and US

8. Bancassurance can be sold to who among the following?
a) Bank employees only
b) Insurance agents only
c) Govt employees only
d) All present and prospective bank customers

9. Which of the following is a term related to the game of cricket?
a) Love
b) Ashes
c) Birdie
d) Grand Slam

10. Which of the following is not a measure of the risk management in banks?
a) Deposit insurance
b) CRR
c) SLR


1.b) IDFC Bank
2.b) Moral Suasion
3.d) Indian Overseas Bank
4.c) Insurance Policies
5.b) SEBI
6.a) Peso
7.a) China and India
8.d) All present and prospective bank customers
9.b) Ashes
10.d) NEFT


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