General Awareness Quiz - Set 96

1. The 2018 Commonwealth Games (officially the XXI Commonwealth Games) will be held in which of the following countries?
a) Australia
b) England
c) South Africa
d) Malaysia

2. What does letter ‘I’ denote in the term RIDF?
a) Infrastructure
b) Industry
c) Irrigation
d) Investment

3. Who among the following has become the first Indian to win Ladies British Amateur Golf Championship?
a)  Aditi Ashok
b) Ankita Tiwana
c) Sharmila Nicollet
d) Smriti Mehra

4. The RBI uses which of the following models for the rating of Indian banks?
b) BaNCS

5. We observe the National Teacher’s Day on 5 Sep every year while the World Teachers’ day is observed on
a) 5 Oct
b) 5 Nov
c) 5 Dec
d) 5 Jan

6. The gilt-edged market deals in which of the following?
a) Commercial paper
b) Govt securities
c) Commodities
d) Interbank lending

7. Which of the following terms is used in the field of banking?
a) Epicentre
b) Acupuncture
c) Assets and liability

8. Which of the following cups/trophies is associated with the game of football?
a) Deodhar Trophy
b) Irani Trophy
c) Merdeka Cup
d) Davis Cup

9. Which of the following is the SI unit of force?
a) Newton
b) Joule
c) Ampere
d) Ohm

10. Which of the following terms is used in the game of cricket?
a) Grand Slam
b) Battery
c) Backhand
d) Bowling


1. a) Australia
2. a) Infrastructure
3. a)  Aditi Ashok
4. c) CAMELS
5. a) 5 Oct
6. b) Govt securities
7. c) Assets and liability
8. c) Merdeka Cup
9. a) Newton
10. d) Bowling


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