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General Awareness Quiz - Set 97

Published on Monday, September 26, 2016
1. The International Literacy Day is observed on which of the following dates?
a) 5 Sep
b) 6 Sep
c) 7 Sep
d) 8 Sep

2. Vikas Gowda is associated with which of the following games?
a) Archery
b) Shooting
c) Discus throw
d) Boxing

3. India gifted the Indian Coast Guard Ship “Varasha” to which of the following countries recently?
a) Mauritius
b) Myanmar
c) Sri Lanka
d) Bangladesh

4. MM Kalburgi, who was killed on 30 Aug at his residence, was a rationalist and an eminent scholar of
a) Kannada
b) Tamil
c) Telugu
d) Sanskrit

5. Banks in India can be broadly classified under two heads. One commercial banks and the other is
a) Regional Rural Banks
b) Foreign banks
c) Co-operative banks
d) Universal Banks

6. The Payments Banks will initially be restricted to hold what maximum balance per individual customer?
a) 10,000
b) 25,000
c) 50,000
d) 1 lakh

7. Bank usually provide higher interest rates on term deposits to
a) students
b) self-employed
c) salaried employees
d) senior citizens

8. Which of the following is the name of the currency of a country?
a) Baku
b) Algiers
c) Tirane
d) Real

9. Vikas Krishan, who bagged a silver medal in Asian Championships on 5 Sep, is an Indian
a) boxer
b) shooter
c) weightlifter
d) Wrestler

10. The RBI reduces or increases different rates and ration in ‘basic points’. One basic point is equal to
a) one tenth of a per cent
b) one hundredth of a per cent
c) one hundred per cent
d) one per cent


1. d) 8 Sep
2. c) Discus throw
3. c) Sri Lanka
4. a) Kannada
5. c) Co-operative banks
6. d) 1 lakh
7. d) senior citizens
8. d) Real
9. a) boxer
10. b) one hundredth of a per cent

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