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International Reports : 22 Important Questions

Published on Monday, September 05, 2016

Ques 1.
What are the targets fixed in Sansaad Adarsh Gram Yojna ?
Ques 2.
Which Village  as been adopted by the PM under Sansaad Adarsh Gram yojna ?
Ques 3.

What is the maximum & minimum permissible investment in Sovereign Gold Bond scheme ?
Ques 4.
What will be  the tenor of sovereign gold  bonds?

Ques 5.
What is the rate of  Interest on the Sovereign Gold Bond Secheme ( SGB) for public ?

Ques 6.
What is the min  deposit for Gold Monetisation  Scheme ?

Ques 7.
What are the various terms bank deposits under GMS scheme ?

Ques 8.
What about the principal & interest under GMS scheme ?

Ques 9.
What is  PRAGATI Active Governance & Time Implementation ?

Ques 10.
Pragati Day will be fixed on

Ques 11.
What is Hayabusa 2?

Ques 12.
Jal Yukta Abhiyan -to make 5000 villages free of water scarcity  ever year& making  state as Drought free started by....

Ques 13.
What is MANAS  ?

Ques 14.
Amendment 13 relates to

Ques 15.
What is the aim of Digital  India  Programme ?

Ques 16.
What is the estimated cost  of Digital India ?

Ques 17.
What is Nairoshni 

Ques 18.
What is the tenure for which the Startups  will be exempted  from income tax ?

Ques 19.
What % on capital gains  made on investment by entrepreneurs after selling own  asset as well as govt recognised  venture capitalist will be exempted ?

Ques 20.
Under startup plan easy exit options  will be provided under the bankuptcy act so that start ups can exit _____-days ?

Ques 21.
what will b the initial corpus  for startup  plan ?

Ques 22.
What is Bhartvani Project ?

Solutions :

1.To develop one village as Model village  by 2016 & 3 by 2019

2. Jayapur in Distt. Varanasi in 2015 7 Nagepur in 2016 

3. Min-2 gms  Max -not  more than 500gms  per person  per fiscal year

4. 8 year with exit  option  from 5th yr to b exercised on the interest payment dates

5. 2.75% per annum 

6. Raw gold  equivalent  to 30 gms of gold of  99.5% pure

7. Short term bank deposit ( 1-3 yrs), medium  (5-7yrs(. long term (12-15 yrs)

8. It will be denominated into gold 

9. It is a multipurpose  & multi model programme to address the grievances of the common man & simultaneously  monitoring  implementation of Govt projects & programmes

10. 4th Wednesday  of every Month

11. Space probe of Japan  sent on Asteroid

12. Maharashtra

13. It was started  by Minority Affairs Ministry , for providing  skills,  upgrading  ability & training  Minority's Communities .

14. Sri Lanka

15. Government services are available to the citizens electronically and  people  get all the latest information and benefits of technology 

16. Rs 113000cr

17. The scheme targets the minority women in the age  group of 18 to 65 yrs with the family income  of less than 2.5 lacs per annum, to instill  confidence among women by providing  knowledge .

18. First 3 years

19. 20%

20. 90 days

21. Rs. 2500 crore

22. This was launched UGC, where knowledge  in all Indian language will be collected and disseminated .

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