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Spotting Errors in English Language : Part - 3

Published on Thursday, September 08, 2016

1. The government's man aim is to ________ inflation .
a. beated
b. beaten
c. beat
d. had beaten

2. Kailash's daughter as well as his tall son _______ Studying in the same polytechnic at Kanpur.
a. are
b. have been
c. has been
d. is

3. He _______ for her since morning.
a. waited
b. waits
c. has been written
d. was waiting

4. This is a _________ copy of her specch.
a. verbatim
b. verbosity
c. truer
d. photostat

5.  Mohan told his sister that ________ guidance is choosing two out of three optional subjects.
a. he wanted her
b. I want your
c. She wanted his
d. I wanted you

6. The escape of David to France was successfully arranged but no sooner was this done ______ George was captured and held prisoner.
a. that
b. then
c. than
d. when

7. I cautioned him against making any statement until he ________ seen his lawyers.
a. had not
b. did not
c.  had
d. has

8.  He was promoted to the principal's post though he was junior ______ all the members of the staff.
a. than
b. to
c. from
d. among

9. His treatment ______ his servant is really mean.
a. of
b. with
c. for
d. about

10. The manager of the team _______ the competitors on their sucess.
a. encouraged
b. wished
c. congratulated
d. energised

11. The climate of Delhi does not _______ me.
a. agree
b. hold
c. suit
d. favour

12. Students must _______ their teachers whenever they meet them.
a. engage
b. congratulate
c. greet
d. regard

13. Having lost my way, I ________ the policeman to direct me.
a. told
b. requested
c. ask
d. want

14. When he called _______ me yesterday, I was reading the newspaper.
a. at
b. in
c. on
d. to

15. The building was soon enveloped _______ flames.
a. from
b. on
c. over
d. in

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