Circular Seating Arrangement Set for IBPS PO Mains (Part -2)

Direction (1-4): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

Eight friends Seema, Suresh, Mahesh, Sudhir, Karan, Geeta, Raj and Sushil are sitting around a circular table. Three of them are facing outward the centre and five are facing towards the centre.
Each one of them likes a different colour viz, Blue, green, Violet, White, Yellow, Pink, Red and Black.
  • Suresh and Raj are facing towards the centre and the person who likes Green is second to the left of Raj.
  • Seema and Raj are facing each other and facing the same direction as Suresh.
  • Sudhir faces outward and sits opposite Suresh, who likes Black colour.
  • Geeta and Seema sit next to each other.
  • Geeta who faces outward sits opposite to one who likes Blue colour.
  • Yellow is liked by one of the two girls.
  • Mahesh sits third to the right of Geeta and likes Violet colour.
  • Geeta likes Pink colour
  • Sushil sits opposite Mahesh and Sudhir, second to the right of the one who likes Blue colour.
  • Raj likes Red colour and Sudhir likes whited.
  • Suresh sits between Seema and Mahesh.

1. Who sits fifth to the right of Geeta?
1. Mahesh
2. Karan
3. Raj
4. Suresh
5. Other than the given options

2. Three are alike in a certain way while one is not, find the odd one.
1. Raj-Seema
2. Suresh-Sudhir
3. Karan-Geeta
4. Seema-Mahesh
5. Other than the given options

3.Who among the following likes 'Blue' colour?
1. Geeta
2. Raj
3. Mahesh
4. Sushil
5. Karan

4. How many person sit between the person who likes White colour and the person who likes Black colour?
1. Two
2. Three
3. Four
4. None 

  1. 5. Other then the given options


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