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Come To The Point (Part-2)

Published on Tuesday, October 04, 2016
gk quiz
1. What happens when an electron jumps from the orbit of lower energy to the orbit of the energy?
Ans: Energy is Absorbed

2. When a computer prints a report, this output is called ________.
Ans: Hard Copy

3. A money Bill passes by the LokSabha is deemed to have been passed by the RajyaSabha also when no action is taken by the Upper House within ___________.
Ans: 14 Days

4. Who received Farman from the Mughal Court for conducting trade in 1618?
Ans: Sir Thomas Roe

5. For which bill(s), there is no constitutional provision for a joint sitting of both the Houses of the Parliament to resolve a deadlock?
Ans: Constitutional Amendment Bill & Money Bill

6. During whose rule did maximum Mongol invasion took place?
Ans: Mohammad Bin Tughlaq

7. With which sport/game is Sultan of Johar Cup associated?
Ans: Hockey

8. What happens when the interest rate in the economy increases?
Ans: Lending decreases

9. With which sport/game is Hopman Cup associated?
Ans: Lawn Tennis

10. Who enunciated the law of planetary motion?
Ans: Johannes Kepler

11. What is the present name of Kalinga?
Ans: Odisha

12. During which decade did the population of India record a negative growth rate?
Ans: 1911-1921

13. Which is the only country in the world whose postage stamps do not bear its name?
Ans: United Kingdom

14. Which type of coal is most suitable for the generation of thermal power?
Ans: Anthacite

15. When and where was the Muslim League found?
Ans: 1906, Dhaka

16. Where in India did the French establish their first factory?
Ans: Surat

17. Which Delhi Sultan, for the first time, set up administrative system for the Sultanate?
Ans: Shams-ud-din Iltutmish

18. Which planet among the Earth, Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter moves with the lowest intensity?
Ans: Saturn

19. In which colour does an astronaut view the sky away from the Sun in Space?
Ans: Black

20. Guru Gobind Singh was born at a place situated near ________.
Ans: Patna
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