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Come To The Point (Part-I)

Published on Saturday, October 01, 2016
1. What is the official language of Jammu and Kashmir?
Ans: Urdu

2. How many members are nominated to Lok Sabha from Anglo-Indian community?
Ans: Two

3. Which north-eastern state has the longest international boundary among the states in India?
Ans: Arunachal Pradesh (1680 km, Bhutan-160 km, China-1080 and Myanmar-440)

4. Which natural phenomenon conducts carbon dioxide in plants?
Ans: Sunlight

5. Which of the places in West Bengal got its name from a local word for mangrove rees?
Ans: Sundarbans

6. Which continent is the Giraffe native to?
Ans: Africa

7. Which post city in southern India is often called as “The Jewel of the East Coast”?
Ans: Visakhapatnam

8. Sumo is a traditional form of wrestling of which Asian Country?
Ans: Japan

9. Who wrote the book, “The Indian Struggle”?
Ans: Subhas Chandra Bose

10. When was the Battle of Plassey fought?
Ans: 1757

11. With which sport/game was Baichung Bhutia associated?
Ans: Football

12. What does the acromym VRS stand for?
Ans: Voluntary Retirement Scheme

13. When did the Shivaji assume the title of Chhatrapati?
Ans: 1674

14. The autobiography of which freedom fighter is titled “Atmakatha” which he wrote during his prison time in Bankipore Jail in Patna?
Ans: Dr. Rajendra Prashad

15. Who wrote “Khazainul ul-Futuh” ?
Ans: Amir Khusrau

16. How many different kinds of zodiac signs are there in Astrology?
Ans: 12

17. Where is the headquarter of the World Bank located?
Ans: Washtington DC, USA

18. The amount in the re-launched Kisan Vikas Patra by the Government of India would get doubled in how many months?
Ans: 100

19. What is Muhurat Trading in the Stock Market?
Ans: Mahurat trading(also pronounced Muhurat) refers to the trading activity in the Indian stock market on the auspicious occasion of Diwali (Deepawali), a big festival for people of India .

20. The re-launched Kisan Vikas Patra by the Government of India would be available to the investors in the denomination of Rs. 1,000/-, Rs. 5000/-, Rs. 10,000/- and ________?
Ans: Rs. 50,000/-

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