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Computer Quiz for IBPS & Banking Exams (Set-103)

1. Computers connected to a LAN (local area network) can
a) run faster
b) go online
c) share information and/ or share peripheral equipment
d) e-mail

2. The portion that shows all the choices you can make while working in a window is called the
a) options
b) table
c) menu bar
d) item bar

3. One megabyte equals approximately
a) 1,000 bits
b) 1,000 bytes
c) 1 million bytes
d) 1 million bits

4. When you are working on a document on PC, where is the document temporarily stored?
a) RAM
b) ROM
c) CPU

5. Which multiplexing technique transmits analog signals?
a) FDM
b) Synchronous TDS
c) Asynchronous TDM
d) Both 2) and 3)

6. In a spreadsheet program the ________ contains related worksheets and documents.
a) Workbook
b) column
c) cell
d) formula

7. Which of the following is not an input device?
a) Keyboard
b) Monitor
c) Joystick
d) Microphone

8. To access properties of an object, the mouse technique to use is
a) right-clicking
b) shift-clicking
c) dragging
d) dropping

9. What type of device is a computer printer?
a) Input
b) Output
c) Software
d) Storage

10. The contents of _________ are lost when the computer turns off.
a) storage
b) input
c) output
d) volatile memory


1. c) share information and/ or share peripheral equipment
2. c) menu bar
3. c) 1 million bytes
4. a) RAM
5. d) Both 2) and 3)
6. a) Workbook
7. b) Monitor
8. a) right-clicking
9. b) Output
10. d) volatile memory

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