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Computer Quiz for IBPS & Banking Exams (Set-105)

Published on Wednesday, October 12, 2016
1. Which of the following describes the characteristic features of SRAM?
a) Cheap but slow
b) More consumption of power and much costly
c) Based on transistor-capacitor combination
d) Low consumption of power

2. Free-of-cost repair of software bug available at Internet is called
a) Version
b) Add-on
c) Tutorial
d) Patch

3. A personal computer is designed to meet the computing needs of a(n)
a) Individual
b) department
c) company
d) city

4. ctrl, shift and alt are called ________ keys.
a) adjustment
b) function
c) modifier
d) alphanumeric

5. All of the following terms are related to spreadsheet software except
a) worksheet
b) cell
c) formula
d) Virus detection

6. The speed of which of the following memory chips is faster?
a) Not fixed
d) For larger chips DRAM is faster

7. The person who writes and tests computer programs is called a
a) programmer
b) computer scientist
c) software engineer
d) project developer

8. The dbase III plus is mostly used for
a) Office automation
b) Database management problems
c) Scientific problems
d) Calculations only

9. In the “C” language the function scanf () reads
a) single character
b) character and strings
c) any possible number
d) any possible variable types

10. WAN stands for
a) Wired Area Network
b) Wide Area Network
c) Wide Array Net
d) Wireless Area Network


1. b) More consumption of power and much costly
2. d) Patch
3. a) Individual
4. c) modifier
5. d) Virus detection
6. c) SRAM
7. a) programmer
8. b) Database management problems
9. d) any possible variable types
10. b) Wide Area Network


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