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Error Spotting Practice Set: Easy Level

Published on Tuesday, October 25, 2016
error spotting
Directions: In the following exercise, each sentence is divided into four parts, i.e. (A)(B), and (C). One of these parts contains an error. Pick out the part that has and error. If the sentence is free from error, then your answer will be (D).

1. (A) They were/ (B) waiting for/(C) the train arrival. /(D) No error

2. (A) He is/(B) a student of three/(C) year's degree course. /(D) No error

3. (A) The two friends pointed out/ (B) each other merits and demerits/ (C) before the teacher./(D) No error

4. (A) None of the/(B) two sisters has/(C) paid her tuition fees. /(D) No error

5. (A) She was more/(B) beautiful than/(C) either of her three sisters. /(D) No error

6. (A) The hotels of/(B) Kolkata are cheaper/(C) than Patna./(D) No error

7. (A) The principal as well as/(B) the teachers /(C) absented themselves from the office./(D) No error

8. (A) I am sure that all my monthly/(B) expenses would exceed the income/(C) if I do not economise./ (D) No error

9. (A) When it comes to comparison between the two/(B) quality is most/(C) important than quantity./(D) No error

10. (A)Your over-dependent on others/(B) even for trivial matters/(C) may prove disadvantageous./(D) No error

11. (A) When I reminded of the mistake/(B) I had made/(C) I was struck with remorse. /(D) No error

12. (A) Mr. Mishra had/(B) to be operate on/(C) to cure him of the disease./(D) No error

13. (A) He overcame with sorrow/(B) when he heard the sad news/(C) of his failure./(D) No error

14(A) The book on Political science brought/(B) in the market recently is really an asset/(C) for all college students./(D) No error

15(A) You must not held in high esteem/(B) those who are dangerous/(C) to our society./(D) No error

16(A) He read the message/(B) but he cannot/(C) understand it./(D) No error

17(A) His mother thinks that/(B) somebody must have dared/(C) him steal the bicycle. /(D) No error

18. (A) Hard had he thrown the ball/(B) when it fell/(C) on the ground./(D) No error

19. (A) He ran so fastly that/(B) he reached the destination/(C) in just two minutes./(D) No error

20. (A) The old man continued live a hard life/(B) but he never asked for/(C) any help from neighbours./(D) No error


1. C; Train's arrival will be used.
2. B; Years' should be used instead of year's.
3. B; Each other's merits should be used.
4. A; Neither will be used in place of none. 
5. C; Either should be replaced by any. ( Either is used for two persons.)
6. C; Than those of should be used before Patna.
7. C; Themselves should be replaced by himself. ( Subject-Verb-Agreement)
8. A; All will not be used before monthly expenses because expenses include all expenditures.
9. B; Most should be replaced by more.
10. A; Over- dependent should be replaced by over-dependence.
11. A; When I was reminded will be used.
12. B; Operate should be replaced by operated.
13. A; He was overcome will be used in the place of he overcame.
14. A; Brought should be replaced by introduced because a new thing is introduced.
15. A; Held should be replaced by held.
16. B; Cannot should be replaced with could not.
17. C; To should be used before use.
18. A; Hard should be replaced by hardly.
19. A; Fastly should be replaced by fast because fastly is no word in English language.
20. A; Live should be replaced by living.

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