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Error Spotting Set for IBPS PO Mains: Part 2

Published on Thursday, October 27, 2016
error spotting
Directions: In the following exercise, each sentence is divided into four parts, i.e. (A)(B), and (C). One of these parts contains an error. Pick out the part that has and error. If the sentence is free from error, then your answer will be (D).

1. (A) To evolve a shared vision of national development/(B) priorities,sectors and strategy with the active/(C) involvement of States in the light of national objective./(D) No error

2. (A) The ninth plan launched in/(B) the fifth year of India's independence aimed at/(C) achieved a targeted GDP growth rate of seven percent./(D) no error

3. (A) The involvement of the community in planning,/(B) execution and monitoring of the developmental/(C) programmes are imperative for planning and implementation./(D) No error

4. (A) Rural development imply/(B) both the economic/(C) development and social transformation./(D) No error

5. (A) The Resource blocks initiated during/(B) the year 2012-13 have shown impressing/(C) results in terms of quality of community institutions./(D) No error

6. (A) The ministry has been actively/(B) encouraging use of local available /(C) construction material as well as new technologies./(D) No error

7. (A) Mutually beneficial working relationship/(B) and formal platforms for consultations/(C) among PRIs and institutions of the poor need to be facilitated./(D) No error

8. (A) The policy envisages integrating/(B) land use and transport planning,/(C) significant improvements in public transport./(D) No error

9. (A) The needs of the specific users/(B) are take care by the National Atlas/(C) and Thematic Mapping organisation./(D) No error

10. (A) The programme relating to/(B) nuclear power and nuclear fuel/(C) cycles have been built on the multidisciplinary R&F infrastructure of the department./(D) No error


1. B; strategies should be used in place of strategy.
2. C; achieving should be used in place of achieved.
3. C; is should be used instead of are.
4. A; implies should be used.
5. B; impressive should be used instead of impressing.
6. B; locally should be used.
7. C; between should be used instead of among.
8. A; integrated should be used instead of integrating.
9. B; Taken care of is the correct form.
10. C; has been will be used instead of have been.
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