Find Grammatical Errors with Detailed Explanations - Part 31

Published on Thursday, October 06, 2016


(a) My friends insisted
(b)  that I should see the movie
(c)  from beginning to the end
(d)  No error


(a) With little patience 
(b)  You will be able to
(c)  cross this hurdle
(d)  No error


(a) He was fascinated by insects
(b)  and the more he studied their habits
(c)  greater was his fascination 
(d)  No error


(a) The recent study has
(b)  indicated that there
(c)  is perceptible change in
(d) the attitudes of the people
(e) No error


(a) If the main diligently seeks to come into the contact 
(b) with the best that has been thought and said in this world
(c) he will become simple and selfish
(d) No error


(a) I go to the bed
(b) at eight
(c) every night
(d) No error


(a) A nationwide survey
(b) has brought up an
(c) intersting finding
(d) regarding infant mortality rate in India
(e) No error


(a) Troy was taken by Greeks
(b) this formed the basis of a story
(c) which has become famous 
(d) No error


(a) To perform this experiment
(b) drop little sugar
(c) into a glass of water
(d) No error


(a) As he had taken only a few sips
(a) there was still little water
(a) left in the glass
(a) No error


1. (c) : Add 'the' before 'beginning'

2. (a) : Add 'a' before 'little'

3. (c) : Add 'the' before 'greater'

4. (c) : Add 'a' before 'perceptible'

5. (a) : Remove 'the' 

6. (a) : Remove 'the' 

7. (d) : Add 'the' before 'infant'

8. (c) : Add 'a' before 'Greeks'

9. (c) : Add 'a' before 'little'

10. (c) : Add 'a' before 'little'

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