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Four Essentials to Improve Reading Skills

Published on Monday, October 03, 2016
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Hello aspirants!! So, does that long and confusing comprehension paragraph baffle you?

Do you find it difficult to attempt the comprehension questions in your examination??

If yes, then we are going to help you today. We will give you four fundamental essentials to solve comprehension passage easily and quickly. Let's do it!!

1. Scan 

It basically means to go through the passage quickly in just one or two readings. It will help you to understand the passage and you will be able to dig out the important information.

While scanning the passage, keep searching for the important hints and cues. Generally the information given after the word "that" or "however" etc of grave importance. Scanning will enable you to have the essence or the theme of the passage. So, give at least 5 minutes to scan the passage.

2. Skim

Skimming refers to scooping out the relative information for the questions. After scanning the passage, read all the question followed by it and try to skim the answers. You can also underline the lines that you think are important according to the questions. The information given in independent clause is relatively more important than that in dependent clause. 

Just skim the passage and try to find whether the information you have gathered is correct or needful according to the questions.

3. Analyse

Analysis of positive or negative points will aid you to answer the structure based questions and inference based questions. Once you have noticed all the pros and cons of the passage, start attempting the questions. Keep in mind that the information asked in the question should be to the point. So , you must try to figure out the key points of the passage very carefully and tactfully.

4. Expand Vocabulary

A strong and active vocabulary is must to attempt the comprehension questions. The reason being that you are sometimes asked synonyms and antonyms, one word substitutions, fill in the blank etc. so, a strengthened vocabulary is needed to attempt them. 

Try to learn new words and their meanings, change the forms of the words like noun to adjective, adjective to adverb etc. Also, the good vocabulary will help you to understand the paragraph more patently and considerately.

So, this is it. These four essentials are extremely important to master the technique of attempting reading skills and comprehension. Prepare well and practice as much as you can.

Download Vocabulary List PDF here

Download Reading Comprehensions Workbook here

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