General Awareness Quiz - Set 103

1. The Term 'Butterfly stroke' is associated with 
a) Kabaddi 
b) Wrestling 
c) Swimming 
d) Rowing

2. Best Horticulture State award won by which of the following states? 
a) Odisha 
b) Manipur 
c) Punjab 
d) Haryana

3. National Sports Day is celebrated on 
a) 25th August 
b) 29 August 
c) 1st September 
d) 5th September

4. “The Ocean of Churn: How the Indian Ocean Shaped Human History” is authored by 
a) Irfan Habib 
b) Satish Chandra 
c) Sanjeev Sanyal 
d) None of the above

5. Which famous musician was conferred the Sangeet Martand Ustad Chand Khan Lifetime Achievement award? 
a. Pandit Bismillah Khan 
b. Pandit Ravi Shankar 
c. Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma 
d. Maestro Zakir Hussain

6. When a stone is thrown upward to a certain height, it possesses – 
a) potential energy 
b) kinetic energy 
c) wind energy 
d) sound energy

7. The unit of work is 
a) newton

b) joule
c) metre
d) second

8. Who named UNESCO Artist for Peace? 
a) Madonna 
b) Elton John 
c) A. R. Rahman 
d) Kudsi Erguner

9. India was ranked at which position in the Global Competitiveness Report (GCR) 2016-2017? 
a) 22 
b) 39 
c) 46
d) 59

10. What is the theme of 2016 International Translation Day (ITD)?
a) Translate with respect for everyone
b) Enthusiasm in translation and interpreting
c) Translation and interpreting: connecting worlds
d) Working together with joy


1. c) Swimming
2.d) Haryana
3. b) 29 August
4. c) Sanjeev Sanyal
5. c. Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma
6. a) potential energy
7. b) joule
8. d) Kudsi Erguner
9. b) 39
10. c) Translation and interpreting: connecting worlds


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