General Awareness Quiz - Set 111

1. The Parliamentary Standing Committee which has suggested fine or jail for celebs in misleading ads is headed by
a) JC Divakar Reddy
b) Abhishek Banerjee
c) Jairam Ramesh
d) Nandan Nilekani

2. VT Thomas, who passed away recently, was a well known
a) singer
b) dancer
c) cartoonist
d) painter
3. ________ will sell about 5% in state energy giant Aramco to create a $2-tn fund, the world’s largest wealth fund.
a) Iran
b) UAE
c) Kuwait
d) Saudi Arabia

4. The tagline “The name you can BANK upon” is associated with
a) Canara Bank
b) Bank of Baroda
c) PNB
d) SBI

5. What is the expanded form of FPI as used in banking and finance?
a) Forward Portfolio Investor
b) Foreign Preferential Investor
c) Financial Portfolio Investor
d) Foreign Portfolio Investor

6. Quito is the capital city of
a) Poland
b) Ecuador
c) Norway
d) Finland

7. Which country will host the 2018 Commonwealth Judo Championships?
a) Australia
b) Canada
c) Bangladesh
d) India

8. Which of the following was the first mutual fund set up in India (in 1963)
a) Franklin Templeton
b) ICICI Prudential
c) Morgan Stanley
d) Unit Trust of India

9. Which of the following terms is used in the field of banking and finance?
a) Dialysis
b) Baud rate

10. Roberto Azevedo is the present head of the
a) WHO
b) WTO
d) World Bank


1. a) JC Divakar Reddy
2. c) cartoonist
3. d) Saudi Arabia
4. c) PNB
5. d) Foreign Portfolio Investor
6. b) Ecuador
7. d) India
8. d) Unit Trust of India
9. c) MIBOR
10. b) WTO


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