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General Awareness Quiz - Set 114

Published on Wednesday, October 19, 2016
1. NABARD has partnered with which country for a special peogramme on 'soil protection and rehabilitation for food security'?
a) Japan
b) Israel
c) Spain
d) Germany

2. "The SBI cut its MCLR by 5 bps recently". In the term MCLR, the letter 'M' stands for
a) Minimum
b) Maximum
c) Marginal
d) Maturity

3. Which of the following state capitals was recently declared a 'smoke-free city'?
a) Agartala
b) Dispur
c) Itanagar
d) Kohima

4. Which of the following is one of the eight core sector industries?
a) Automobiles
b) Texiles
c) Food processing
d) Electricity

5. The World Press Freedom Day is observed on
a) 30 Apr
b) 1 May
c) 2 May
d) 3 May

6. As per the latest data disclosed by the govt for assessment year 2012--2013, taxpayers account for about what per cent of India's population?
a) One per cent
b) two per cent
c) three per cent
d) four per cent

7. When was the commercial paper (CP) introduced in India?
a) 1974
b) 1987
c) 1990
d) 1992

8. Who won the 2016 Russian Grand Prix F1 Championship in Sochi?
a) Kimi Raikkonen
b) Lewis Hamilton
c) Nico Rosberg
d) Fernando Alonso

9. Who among the following cannot open a basic savings bank deposit account (BSBDA) with a bank?
a) A govt employee
b) A daily wager
c) A pensioner
d) None of them

10. The rate of interest on Senior Citizens Savings Scheme with effect from 1st Apr 2016 is
a) 7.9 per cent
b) 8.1 per cent
c) 8.3 per cent
d) 8.6 per cent


1.d) Germany
2.c) Marginal
3.d) Kohima
4.d) Electricity
5.d) 3 May
6.a) One per cent
7.c) 1990
8.c) Nico Rosberg
9.d) None of them
10.d) 8.6 per cent

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