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Important Parajumbles: Dialogue Based For IBPS PO

Published on Friday, October 28, 2016
para jumbles
Directions: In this exercise, the dialogue between two people is jumbled in four parts, i.e. 1, 2, 3 and 4. Arrange these jumbled sentences into a logical order to make a meaningful dialogue. 

Ques 1.

1. "Oh my God! What about your Father? Any sign of him?

“No Mum, just the trolley. Shall we go out and see if we can find him?

3. No! Whatever happens, we must stay here. It’s a trap." Those lights are there to lure us out.”

“Mum, come quick! The big people have found Dad’s shopping trolley and put it on their table next to two huge lights.”

a. 2134
b. 4123
c. 4321
d. 1243

Ques 2.

1. “Apparently they’ve just introduced a second security gate.”

2. “Couple of days, what about you?”

3. “Been here long mate?"

4. “Just arrived. Any idea what’s causing the queue?

a. 2314
b. 1324
c. 2341
d. 3241

Ques 3.

1. “A treat I think Charlie. We did a trick last time.”

2. “There’s the front doorbell again Charlie. must be the third time tonight. It’ll be more youngsters I expect, out ‘Trick or Treating’. Shall I go, or will you?”

3. “OK my sweetheart a treat it shall be. How many would you like?”

“I’ll go love, you have a rest and finish off your cup of tea. What shall we do this time, trick or treat?”

a. 2143
b. 1324
c. 2413
d. 1234

Ques 4.

1. “Just want to let you know kid, in case you were wondering, that last cake, the chocolate éclair, it’s got my name on it. Touch it and I’ll have your fingers off!”

“Well kid, it’s up to you. What’s it going to be, cake or fingers?”

3. “Mum, mum, Aunt Sally’s dog just said he’s gong to bite me. He says the chocolate éclair’s his.”

4. “Don’t be silly dear, little Henry can’t talk, he’s a dog. Now play nicely with him, there’s a darling. And don’t feed him any of your cake, Aunt Sally has got him on a strict diet.”

b. 2341
c. 1432
d. 2314

Ques 5.

1. “It depends. How heavy are you? ‘Cos my Dad says I’m not big enough to lift heavy things.”

2. “I’m 14 pounds, give or take a few ounces. If you can’t lift me, just drag me to the edge and push me over the side. Please.”

“No! Don’t go. I’m sorry. It’s being stranded here on this pier that’s making me grumpy. I’m getting a bit short of breath and this sun is starting to dry me out. If you could help me back into the water I’d be extremely grateful.”

“No need to be rude Mister, I was only asking. My Dad says rude people should be ignored. I wonder if the same goes for rude fish? I think it probably does, I’m off.”

a. 1243
b. 4312
c. 3214
d. 2134

Ques 6.

1. “Keep your voice down Billy, he’ll hear you.” 

2. “He won’t like that mate. You know what he’s like. Nobody ever leaves, not of their own accord anyway. Why don’t you just finish your meal. You’ll feel better afterwards.”

3. “He won’t like that mate. You know what he’s like. Nobody ever leaves, not of their own accord anyway. Why don’t you just finish your meal. You’ll feel better afterwards.”

4. “I don’t care. I’m telling you, things need to change round here, or I’m off.”

a. 1243
b. 4231
c. 3214
d. 2143

Ques 7.

1. “Looks like we’ve found them, sir.”

2. “It’s a family unit, sir. A female, a male and two young siblings. Our probes indicate that they are the right age and relatively well preserved.”

3. “Thank goodness for that Captain. I wasn’t looking forward to having to report to the authorities that our mission had failed. What exactly have you got?”

“Excellent Captain. How long before we have them securely on board?”

a. 4321
b. 2134
d. 1342

Ques 8.

1. “Seems the driver leant out of the car screaming at everyone to get out of his way. Started honking his horn. There was panic. That’s when that fiery young lamb, Jake leapt at him and tore off his arm. Blood everywhere.”

“Not sure mate. Someone says the idiot in the car wouldn’t slow down. Seems he hit the old ewe, Matilda. You know, her with the dodgy back legs. She never stood a chance.”

3. “Then what? I just heard the screams. That’s when I started running.”

“What’s happened Joe?”

a. 1323
b. 4231
c. 1324
d. 1243

Ques 9.

1. “But kids, it’s really important. I need all the help I can get and we haven’t got much time left. I thought I felt some rain as I was coming in. This could be it.”

2. “Noah, leave the children be and stop scaring them. Get back to your boat building and I’ll come out and give you a hand after tea. And Noah… please take that silly helmet off, you’re going to frighten the neighbours.”

Dad, leave us alone. We’re having fun building dens. We keep telling you, we don’t want to help you outside!”

4. “Mum! Dad’s being weird again.” 

a. 3142
b. 4231
c. 1324
d. 1234

Ques 10.

1. “No idea mate. I just process things this end. My job’s to make sure you leave your clothes and any other earthly possessions here before you go down the hole. A bloke called Peter will meet you at the bottom and send you on your way.”

2. This morning, I think. I remember crossing the road outside my office, hearing the sreech of brakes then nothing. Next thing I know I’m in this queue.”

3. “According to my list you should’ve been knocked down by that lorry yesterday morning not today. Bloody typical of the Grim Reaper, always messing up his timings. Still you’re here now. Get you’re clothes off, you’re next.”

4. “But where am I going?”

a. 3214
b. 2341
c. 1243
d. 2413


  1. 4123
  2. 3241
  3. 2413
  4. 1342
  5. 4312
  6. 2143
  7. 1324
  8. 4231
  9. 3142
  10. 2341
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