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Important Theme Detection Set for IBPS PO Exam

Published on Wednesday, October 12, 2016
theme detection

Ques 1.

The attainment of individual and organisational goals is mutually interdependent and linked by a common  denominator -employee work motivation.Organisational members are motivated to satisfy
their personal  goals,  and they contribute their  efforts to the attainment of organisational objectives as means of achieving these personal goals.

This passage best supports the statement that motivation
(a) Is the product of an individual's physical and mental energy
(b) Is the external force  which induces an individual to contribute his efforts
(c) Encourages an individual to give priority to personal goals over organisational goals.
(d) Is crucial for the survival of an individual and organisation.
(e) Makes organisation and society inseparable.

Ques 2.

The consumption of harmful drugs by the people can be prevented not only by banning their sale  in the market but also by instructing users about their dangerous effects which they must understand for their safety .Also the drug addicts may be provided rehabilitation. This will help in scaling down the use of drugs.

This passage best supports the statement that consumption of harmful drugs.
(a) Are due to lack medical facilities.
(b) Can be eliminated with the help of banning their sale
(c) Are on increase in the society
(d) Can always be reduced
(e) May be channelised  through proper system.

Ques 3.

There is a shift in our economy from a manufacturing to a service orientation .The  increase in service-sector will require the managers to work more  with people  rather than with objects and things from the assembly line

This passage best supports the statement that
(a) interpersonal  skills will become more important in the future work place
(b) Manufacturing  organisations ignore  importnace  of people
(c) Managers should  have a balanced mind
(d) Assembly line will exist  in service organisations
(e) Service organisation will not deal with objects and things

Ques 4.

The Virtue of art does  not allow the work to be interfered with or immediately ruled by anything  other than itself. It insists that it alone shall touch  the work in order to bring  it into bring. Art requires that nothing shall attain the work except art itself. 

This passage best supports the statement that
(a) Art is for the  sake of art alone
(b) Artist  realizes  his dreams through his artistic  creating
(c) Art is  governed  by external  rules  and conditions
(d) Art is for the sake  of art and life
(e) Artist  should use his art for the  sake of society.

Ques 5.

The prevention of accidents makes it necessary  not only that safety  devices be used to guard  exposed machinery but also that mechanics be instructed in safety rules which they must follow  for their  own protection, and that lighting in the plant be adequate.

This passage best supports the statement that industrial accidents__
(a) Cannot be entirely overcome
(b) Can be eliminated with the help of safety rules
(c) Are always avoidable
(d) May be due to ignorance
(e) Usually result from inadequate machinery.

Ques 6.

Throughout the ages the businessman has helped build civilisation's great cities, provided people with luxuries and artists with patronage, and lifted his fellow citizens to understand the standard of living. In the last few centuries the businessman  has seeded the industrial  Revolution around the world.

This passage best supports the statement that the Businessman.
(A) Is the beneficiary of the Industrial Revolution
(b) Is capable of raising his standard of living
(c) Is accountable to the society
(d) Lives luxurious and comfortable life
(e) Has contributed to the growth  of civilisation

Ques 7.

Though the waste of time or the expenditure on  fashions is very large, yet  fashions continue to stay. They will not go,come what may. However, what is now required is that strong efforts should be made to displace the excessive craze for fashion  from the minds of these youngsters.

This passage best supports the statement that
(a) The craze for fashion  should be done  away with so as not to let down the constructive development
(b) Work and other activities should be valued more than  outward appearance
(c) Fashion is the need of the day
(d) The excessive craze for fashion is detrimental to one's personality.

Ques 8.

Because of a recent drought in Maharashtra during the orange-growing season, the price of oranges this season will be three times the usual  price. This will drive up the cost of producing orange juice and thus push up the price of orange Juice for the consumer.

Which of the following ,if true, most seriously weakens the argument above ?
(a) the recent drought was not as severe as scientists predicted
(b) States other than  Maharashtra also supply oranges to orange juice 
(c) Other ingredients are used in the production of orange juice
(d) Last year the price of oranges was actually lower then the average  price in the past ten years.
(e) The price of oranges will eventually be Rs. 500/- per crate.

solution :

Ans 1. The passage implies that without motivation,it is impossible to achieve benefiting an individual as well as the organisation .And the person will work hard to attain the personal goals  even if it means  through the medium of organisation goals.

Ans 2. According to the passage, the users become aware of the dangerous effects of the  drugs through the elimination and banning of the sales.

Ans 3. The  underlying meaning of the passage is that with the increase in service-sector, managers will need to deal more with humans than with objects and hence interpersonal skills and communication are needed more in this aspect.

Ans 4. The passage explains that art cannot be influenced by any factor. It can only be understood and  seen through art itself.

Ans 5.According  to the passage , following safety rules and adopting  safety devices, accidents can be avoided in industries.

Ans 6. The passage explains that businessman has played a very important  role in  promoting the growth of civilisation .

Ans 7.According to the passage, today's youngsters  are running after fashion at any cost. It is required , not to loose the value of fashion.So the satisfactory answer is (a).

Ans 8.According to the passage , a drought in Maharashtra will drive up the overall price of orange juice. This seriously weakens the argument .If the  drought in Maharashtra only affects part of this year's orange crop the part produced in Maharashtra - then the price of orange juice might not be so severely affected.

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