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Most Commonly Confusing Words: Part 1

Published on Friday, October 21, 2016

Dear readers!
English is such a confusing language and we all face a lot of difficulties in words with similar pronunciation. These words are most commonly confusing in meaning and sometimes we use them incorrectly because of their utterances. Here, we provide you a list of English words that confuse you the most. The meaning of these words are given along to help to recognise the difference.


Accept: Verb: To agree
I accept your proposal.
Except: Preposition: Apart from
All except Geeta attended the party.


Affect: Verb: Negative or unpleasant result
Smoking has affected his lungs.
Effect: Noun: A consequence of result.
The effects of smoking are evident on his body.


Alter: Verb: To make changes
He gave his shirt to alter.
Altar: Noun: A holy or religious place
School is an altar of learning.


Advice: Noun: An opinion for someone's benefit
His advice proved beneficial for my future.
Advise: Verb: To suggest
He advised me to take part in games.


Accomplish: Verb: Achieve
We have accomplished our targets.
Accomplice: A partner in crime
The accomplice was also arrested.


Beside: Preposition: Next to someone
He sat beside me.
Besides: Preposition: In addition to something
And besides these creatures, there are numerous carnivores animals.


Breach: A hole, failure to do something
It was the gross breach of my trust.
Breech: A part of the gun
He loaded the breech of the gun and started firing.


Canvas: Noun: A strong material used to make tents
The canvas was tore by wild dogs.
Canvass: Verb: To ask somebody to support
He was canvassing the voters.


Cease: Verb: Stop
They ceased firing the bullets.
Seize: To take something forcefully
He seized the toy from his brother.


Career: Noun : The future perspective of job
He want to make his career in Botanical science.
Carrier: Noun: A person or thing that carries something
The carrier was full of junk material.

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