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Most Commonly Confusing Words: Part 2

Published on Saturday, October 22, 2016

The next set of commonly confusing words is given below. We have prepared the list that are more difficult to distinguish. We have already published Set 1 and this set concludes this topic but not your practice. English language has extensive vocabulary. You must practice a lot. 


Confirm: Verb:To make somebody believe something strongly
He confirmed his presence at the part.
Conform: Verb: To thing like others
The bishops were soon active against those who refused to conform to the doctrines of the church.


Difference: Noun: The way in which two things or people are not alike
Find the difference between two pictures.
Deference: Noun: Act that shows respect for someone
Taran bowed his head in deference to his teacher.


Delusion: Noun: A false belief
The people of this village are under delusion.
Illusion: Noun: Something that does not exist, but it seems existing
Everything he said was mere illusion.


Eligible: Adjective: Someone being able to perform a task
He is eligible to take IBPS exam.
Illegible: Adjective: Impossible or difficult to read
His handwriting is illegible.


Envelop: Noun: Something to cover
Bring an envelop to pack the gift.
Envelope: Noun: A flat paper used to send letters
The put the letter in an envelope and posted it.


Farther: Adjective: At a great distance
I have gone so much farther with hundreds of men.
Further: Adjective: In addition to what is already said
He further explained the topic with illustrations.


Idle: Adjective: Not working hard
He has been idle for three months
Idol: Adjective: A statue to be worshiped
Idol worshiping is banned in Muslim religion.


Merry: Verb: Happy and cheery
Eat, drink and be merry.
Marry: Verb: To become the husband/wife of someone
He want to marry his classmate.


Moral: Noun: Standards or principles of good behaviour.
John is a man of morals and ethics.
Morale: Noun: Confidence or enthusiasm at a particular time
Due to his low morale, he lost the match.


Quiet: Calm and without noise
He was quiet and gentle.
Quite: Adverb: To some degree; fairly; entirely
He was quite happy with his wife

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