Para Jumbles Set For IBPS PO Exam

Para Jumbles
Directions (Ques.1 to 5): Given below is a sentence marked (A),after which there are five more sentences marked, (B),(C),(D),(E) and (F).these five sentences are not in their proper sequence. 

Rearrange them so as to form a meaningful paragraph with (A) as the first sentence; then answer the questions given below them.

(A) when I reached the station, the train had already arrived
(B) One came running up to me and with his help.I began pilling up my luggage on the entrance of the compartment.
(C) There were five minutes left for its departure.
(D) However, I made an effort to remain cool and called out to a coolie.
(E) As I carried up the last item, the train began to crawl out of the station.
(F) This made me a bit nervous as I had a lot of luggage with me.

1.Which sentence should come third in the passage?
(a) A                                (b) C
(c) F                                 (d) E
2.Which sentence should come Second?
(a) C                                 (b) A
(c) D                                 (d) F
3.Which sentence should come Fifth?
(a) C                                 (b) B
(c) E                                 (d) F
4.Which sentence should come Fourth?
(a) B                                 (b) D
(c) A                                (d) E
5.Which sentence should come last?
(a) C                                 (b) E
(c) A                                 (d) B
1. (c) F
2. (a) C
3. (b) B
4. (b) D
5. (b) E


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